Sermon Videos

On this page, we have provided a selection of 6 Sunday sermons to allow you to experience a typical
sermon at Grace Baptist Church.  Four sermons are approximately 25-30 minutes in length and are taught
exclusively from the King James Bible usually verse by verse.  Two sermons are shorter clips (2-3 minutes).
We also post shorter video clips (2-5 minutes) taken from our Sunday morning service on our You Tube
Channel.  We invite you to visit our YouTube Channel to view these video clips as well.
"Jesus died, buried, and arose."
(1 Cor. 15:3-8)
"Every knee shall bow."
(Romans 14:11)
“A Parable of the Rapture”
(Matthew Chapters 24 & 25, KJ)
“God Has a Place Prepared for You.”
(Matthew 25:31-46, KJV)
“The Misconceptions on the Love of God”
(Ephesians Ch. 2, Titus Ch. 3, KJV)
“For This is the Blood of the New Testament”
(Matthew 26:26-29, KJV)